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The Global Ggrant measure is implemented under the European Union Structural Funds programme, designed to support world-class scientists and researchers’ projects. The Grant can be awarded for research projects of 2-4 years in duration and is intended to cover all expenses related to the implementation of the project. Global Grant support is open to domestic and foreign scientists for implementation of their research projects in any field of science.

Total sum of 120 234 000 LTL is assigned for the implementation of Global Grant measure for the period of years 2009–2015. The funding fully covers all expenses related to projects under this measure (100% intensity).

The goals of this measure are:

  • To promote scientific research and its mobility at international level for both experienced and inexperienced scientists alike;
  • To stimulate high level foreign scientists interest in Lithuanian research areas;
  • To stimulate progress and competitiveness of Lithuanian research activities.

Documents of Call I

Documents of Call II

Documents of Call III

Available in Lithuanian only


Global Grant measure is being managed using ESF funding, by implementation of a project “Execution of functions assigned to Lithuanian Research Council for implementation of the measure No. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K “Support for scientific research by scientists and other researchers (Global Grant)” project No. VP1-5.1-FM-01-V-02-001. Project is being funded by European Social Fund (ESF) under the Human Resources Development Action Programme.


More information (and documents) is available in Lithuanian language. Please contact us directly or reload the page in LT version to access relevant download links under specific Calls.



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