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2017 05 31  Research Council of Lithuania re-opened proposal submission for High Level RTD Project funding after updated version of Guidelines for Applicants came into force

Following the prescript of the letter of the Ministry of Education on 29th May, Lithuanian Research Council renewed the acceptance of the applications for funding of the RTD projects. Universities and State Research Institutes should submit applications by the 4th July.

The submission of the applications was temporarily suspended following the assignment laid down in the order of Minister of Education No V-197 on 27th May “On the Approval of the Changes to the Guidelines for Applicants No 1 under the Measure No 09.3.3-LMT-K-712 „Strengthening the Skills and Capacities of Public Sector Researchers for Engaging in High Level R&D Activities“ activity „Strengthening of General Skills and Competences of Researchers Through Implementation of High Level R&D Projects“ of the Operational programme for the European Union funds’ investments in 2014–2020”. The suspension of the submission of the applications is foreseen in the Rules for Administration and Financing of the Projects (Article 88). New version of the Guidelines for Applicants comes into force on 27th May.

There were itemized the provisions of the Guidelines for Applicants concerning the pregnancy, paternity or child bearing of the project leader (where the applicant seeks to prove that the project leader is a young researcher), and the submission of the list of articles to the LMTPAIS database in the original language. The annexes of the Application as well as the information of the Call for Proposals are changed according these new provisions.

Information on the Call and relevant documents are also available at the website of 2014–2020 European union investment in Lithuania.



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